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MWAHAHAHA!! I started the first thread in our Evo RP, Homoinferior tonight!! WHEEE!! It's actually happening! And people have been making fun posts in the personal journals all day, and just really getting into it. I'm so excited! We've got some AWESOME people involved, people at whose feet I'd gladly grovel over the fics they've written (TKD and Beaubier pwn me) and we're still getting in applications, thank goodness XD. I'm hoping for a good Amanda player (Kurt and Todd getting together is so much more fun with Amanda in the mix, heh) and Kitty is a definite necessity. And some of the human characters, like Duncan and Taryn, gotta have them. So if anyone around here has RPing experience and some free time, why don't you give it a shot? ^_^ Details for applying are in the community's rules!

In other news, we started another Rewards drive at work. Why they think they can have a drive pushing a year-long membership, only SIX MONTHS or so after the LAST drive, is beyond me. Just goes to show again how fucking stupid corporate is. I worked Friday and Saturday night, the first of the drive for me, and these were probably two of the slowest nights I have ever seen on a weekend. I mean, Friday and Saturdays we usually have NO time for break, we're slammed until around 9 or 10pm and even after that there is NEVER a minute when there's not at least one customer in the store.

Tonight, we had maybe one customer in the store from about 11 to 12, aside from a swarm of about five or six that came in five minutes before we closed. It was insane, I've never seen a weekend this slow. As a result, I only sold 29 Rewards, 19 on Friday and 10 tonight. Still, that's more than I expected, I suppose. I'm really not so much eager to show off like I did in the last two drives [allows self a moment of prideful preening] this time. My main goal (aside from making some money - a dollar for every membership really can add up) is making sure Paul can't gloat too much over how fucking well his store's doing. His store has at least three times the traffic ours does, not to mention they didn't push very hard on the last drives so none of their customers are aready Rewards people, of course it's doing better than ours. (Or at least I assume it is. We haven't heard from him yet, he usually only works weekdays, but rest assured he WILL call to gloat on Monday. He always does.)

So anyway, I have 29. Can I make it to the 275 I've sold in each of the past two drives? We shall seeeee....

I've been up since 2pm yesterday, and I'm not sleeping till I get home from work at 5pm tonight! WHOOOOOOOO!!! [bashes head against the keyboard]

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