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So Little Miss Plagiarist is STILL trying to claim the fic as her own, while simultaneously attempting to guilt trip the people who assumed she'd done it. Because, you know, they should've been able to see PAST all that proof, and stuff.

This is the part that amuses me the most. As TKD pointed out, anyone who's in doubt as to who wrote the fic only has to look at the fic itself, and the fics both of us have posted.



Now, take a look at the fic itself!!!

'They enjoyed their solitude. Despite the fact that it was the mansion's major hang-out spot, no one ever bothered them. Todd was well aware of why. Not that he cared, but he was anything but stupid. Which he would have to be, to miss the glares and upturned noses directed at him daily. It was okay, though. Kurt never looked down on him.

'Todd was safe there. Their Professor had long ago given the student body orders that he should be treated peaceably. The X-Geeks seemed to interpret that 'be nice to him' to mean 'leave him alone', and that they did. Not that Todd would complain, though. Kurt's company was the only kind in the mansion he cared for.'

The thread has since been moved to a separate section of the message board, and I have posted a response!!

But I fear responses might start getting deleted to prevent a flame war, sooooo...

Okay wait, wait... lemme get this straight. I'm having a bit of trouble interpreting through the grammar errors and typos but...

Are you STILL trying to say this is YOUR fic?! Despite the people who've testified that they read this months ago, and my original postings, all dated?

[to self] Okay, breathe...

[clears throat] After-School Activities was MY FIC. I wrote it as a response for the ContreLaMontre Livejournal Community, a place that I've been a member of for maybe half a year now, and where roughly a third of my stories have come from. The challenge was to write a fic that focused on the presence of a couch. I'd just begun to dabble in Todd/Kurt after a long stay in 'Invader Zim's Zim/Dib circles, and the result of that couch challenge, After-School Activities, was one of my first Todd/Kurt fics.

First off, I have the dated proof. You can see it at Livejournal, on SEVERAL Livejournals, in fact, and at FFN. You can talk to my beta, my beloved Idgiebay. You can talk to the members of the todd/Kurt Slash community, several of which are frequent posters here. You can read it at FFN, posted under my penname, with a date of posting that I CANNOT FAKE. You show me somewhere that you posted it BEFORE the first posting of mine (I believe it was August 25th), and then maybe we'd have an issue here.

Secondly, writing style. I looked back at some of the posts you've made in the past, searching specifically for fics. What I've found, in most cases, does not even REMOTELY resemble my own style. The few lines you forced into it to make it fit the challenge read nothing like the entire rest of the fic. They stand out like a bleeding, broken thumb, one that's been smacked with a hammer a few dozen times too many. And truthfully, I wasn't all that pissed until I saw that those lines were added. My writing may not be the best, but I slave over what little I do manage to get out. And there have been lines (oh, SO MANY LINES) that just make me cringe every time I look at them now, and wonder how the devil I ever managed to convince myself they were good. But somehow, seeing those few lines forced into a place they were never meant to go just makes me shudder. Violently. Far worse than any of my lines ever did... Well, except for that one line...

But I'm getting off the subject. If anyone were to put 'The Lounge', as you called it, up against your other fics and my other fics, I think it'd be pretty bloody obvious which ones were written by which author.

-Whoa. Bobby's Girl, Idgiebay and everyone I think you should just calm down. Okies? Stress factor a bit high here and yes I can defend myself but I will apologise because it seems that would be the only way to settle this despute and it isobviously what people want and if you would like I will take the fic down, if everyone would calm down.-

I'm sorry if I seem ungrateful or unreasonable in this, but I don't WANT an apology. At least, not that kind. Some 'I'm only saying this to keep people from yelling at me', mealy-mouthed, half-arsed gesture of placation is not going to cut it. Not after your continued insinuation that this is your fic, and not after your deriding of the people who were just standing up for what they saw as the right in this situation. Bobby's Girl and some of the other people I can only assume are doing this because of the proof I have, as I don't believe I know them personally, and I thank them for their support [bows to them]. But others, such as TKD and Idgiebay, are doing this because they KNOW I'm right. They were THERE when I posted this fic months ago, and Idgiebay, as my beta and bondage-queen, was the FIRST PERSON to read it! And yet you have the gall to not only try to tell them they're wrong about this whole thing, but you attempt to chastise them for defending me? Defending me in an extremely mature way, I might add; the responses I've seen so far have all been a far cry from the flame wars I'm used to around situations like this.

So I'm sorry but NO. I don't want that kind of apology from you. I don't even care about an apology anymore. I don't even care if you take the fic down, you can leave it, and its MANY responses, up for all I care. Think of it as a testament to the evils of PLAGIARISM, if you will. But I WOULD like an apology to the people on this board. They didn't deserve your sarcasm. They didn't deserve your attitude. And above all, they didn't deserve your lies.

-Everyone jump on the bandwagon and go with the flow and say what everyone else is saying not because you agree with what the person is saying but because you might get rail roaded to for sticking up for the person.-

I see no bandwagon. I see only a group of people who dislike it when others steal things and attempt to claim them as their own. The proof is there for anyone to read and interpret as they will, and apparently those people feel it falls on MY side.

-This is way I had doubts placeing my fics on the internet in the first place and people will remember [or conveintly forget] that I have stated my worries and asked for advice.-

AHAHA! The irony! It amuses me so!...

-The only person that knows that the work is their, is the author themselves and I know that all my work on the board is mine and mine alone.-

While this, I have no words for.

-All I ask is for people not to jump to conclusions.-

Jumping to conclusions doesn't usually involve proof-positive. And as this is becoming far too long I'll just reiterate. I only want a SINCERE apology. An apology for stealing my fic, for claiming it as your own, and especially for adding those lines into it. If it's not sincere, and if it does not include a confession to plagiarism, you can bloody well keep it, with my blessing. But you SHOULD apologise to the members of the board for your insinuations. I think it safe to assume that no one likes being accused of jumping on the bandwagon, though I saw no bandwagon for them to jump on. For your own conscience, I think you owe it to them to say you're sorry.


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