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Dear Miss Plagiarist...

Posted at The Internutter Board, with regards to my friendly neighborhood plagiarist:

--The Lounge.

By Arcane.

AN: Short and not good. I'm not to good at romance slash. I like angst type slash better.

Aw, don't be so hard on the poor fic. It's not THAT bad. I should know, considering I wrote it and all.

You know, the last time this happened I almost looked at it as a compliment. I mean, hey! If someone tries to steal your stuff, they must think it's at least halfway decent, right? You call this 'not good', and yet you obviously thought it was good enough to STEAL.

To everyone that responded to the fic, I'm gonna be presumptuous and hope the feedback still applies to me :-D . Thanks to all of you for the kind words, and if you'd like to see more, or even the original (which was titled 'After-School Activities', and written in response to a challenge at the 'ContreLaMontre' Livejournal community), or you'd like proof that I was indeed the original author, you're free and welcome to come check out the Todd/Kurt Slash Livejournal community. All the fics are in the 'memories' archive, and can also be found at The Home of Flexible Love. All of my fics are up at, under the username CrimsonObsession, and some of them, including 'After-School Activities', are posted at my own website.

As for you, Miss Data, several people gave you the chance to either come clean or take the fic down, no muss, no fuss. You deserve whatever you get, and personally, while I'm more amused than bitter at the moment, I hope you get an earful. Many thanks to the wonderful person who pointed this out to me, and those others who obviously recognized the plagiarism for what it was. And again, thanks for the comments on the fic. Maybe I'll start hanging around here more often, it's always fun to find new places to post! --

Well, I've gone and responded. As far as I see it this can go three different ways. 1) She'll turn tail and run. 2) She'll get all indignant and try to say I'm lying, which doesn't seem likely considering the amount of proof and witnesses I have. 3) She, or one of her supporters even, will try to start something. In which case, I'll quite happily finish it. Either way, this should be really, REALLY amusing. I LOVE catching people in the act of doing something extremely wrong, and being able to prove it. [evil grin]

Thanks for the support you've already given me, guys! I love you all :D. [HUGS all around] And if anyone wants to, oh, I don't know, rip her a new arsehole perhaps? Don't let me stop you X3.

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