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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
26th-Mar-2004 03:34 am
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
Now we've gone and done it.

Hear ye, hear ye!! Announcing the latest project to come out of Bridgany Studios! (Heh. Bridgany.) For a while now, we've been looking for a group RP to get involved in. But, being the selfish beings that we are, we required an RP in which we could, of course, play Todd and Kurt. Which was hard to find. Our solution?

HOMOINFERIOR, an ALL NEW RP started by Crimson Obsession and Idgiebay! YAY!

As you can probably see from the info page, this will be a Greatestjournal.com-based RP. Posts will be made in the main community, with proper headings as to where they're taking place and who they're involving, and there's another community for the posting of stuff out-of-character and discussion of the RPing itself. Additionally, each character will have their own personal journal, which should be posted in at least once a week, and their own AIM name.

As we just started this yesterday, pretty much all characters are still open. Except for Todd and Kurt. You're welcome to apply for any characters, from X-Men and Brotherhood to Duncan and Taryn, or some of the Morlocks. Everyone is allowed two characters. But to allow more people a chance at playing the more sought-after roles, if you're applying for a main character, and would like to apply for a second, we ask that you consider a secondary character instead of another main character. Applications are being accepted ASAP, should be sent to homoinferior @ hotmail.com, and should include:

- Name/Alias
- E-mail
- Age
- AIM Name
- RP Experience

- Name
- Personality
- Brief History
- Sample Journal Entry
- Sample RP Entry

An AIM name is required, though you're welcome to use other means (Yahoo, ICQ, etc) to actually talk to your fellow RPers. As this is a mature RP, sex and relationships are expected, along with potential violence and other such mature themes. Basically, anything goes, so we require you be 17 to apply. Though if you're to, say, lie about your age or anything, who're we to know?

As the RP begins, we'll be focusing on character development and establishing of the relationships that will be a large focus of this whole thing. The current setting is Bayville, just after the defeat of Apocalypse. Slash is, obviously, going to be allowed, but we'd also like to encourage het relationships for a more even, diverse, and just plain interesting playground to work with. :3 A larger plot will come into play once the relationships have been given enough time to develop, through things such as character actions, newscasts, and major and minor events.

Wow, that's a lot to take in. And of course, there's more important stuff to be found in the community's rules. Please give it all a looksee, and then we hope you'll decide to go ahead and take a shot at it ^_^. We're gonna do our best to make this a ton of fun for all involved! And please bear with us as we go, this is definitely a learning experience on our part. Thanks for listening, gang! [waves and bamfs away]
26th-Mar-2004 01:42 am (UTC)
Bridgany.. wtf... Bridgette/Tiffany? XD s'at like Lietro or something? XD *shudder*
26th-Mar-2004 05:09 pm (UTC)
You gotta know I'm in. ;)
29th-Mar-2004 04:04 pm (UTC)
WHOOHOOOOOO!!!! [FLYINGTACKLEGLOMP!!!] And you so have the part!! We've both seen your work, of course, and know you'd be perfect for it :D. Bridgie keeps saying that you ARE Lance, heh. She'll accept no substitutes, I think. So yes, you've got the part, but we'd appreciate it if you could still fill out an application, to be fair to anyone else who's applying for other parts. And if you have any other character you wanna play, let us know, you're allowed two :D. Though you're welcome to just play one, or to wait for later and see how things are shaping up before you pick a secondary person.

Welcome to the RP, and sorry this reply took so long ^_^;;. Been a bit busy... [whistles innocently]
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