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AAAAAH!!! Gottapackandgottasleepandleavingfortheairportin8hoursOMGWHEEEEE!!!! Bryan!!! We've gotta get our boarding passes online tonight! I'll be on at midnight, but if you can't then call me cause I'll be asleep and we've gotta get seats together and we're going to LA to see BRIDGIE!!!! [dances and hyperventilates]

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    At this point, we're finding out that 52% of Californians cast their vote to write discrimination into the state constitution. Here's a bit of humor…

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    I'm pretty damn proud of my country right now. ...but I hope I don't lose respect for my state after the Props are counted.

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    Wiccan school under attack. Yay for religious tolerance and understanding! -_-;;; bether_was_here IS AWESOME LIKE AN AWESOME THING. We ate…

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