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[finishes writing the first part of her happy little smutty thing]

Foreplay is so much more interesting than the actual act of sex. At least, in writing it is...

Stop looking at me like that XD.

As for the writing itself, I think it's slowly coming back to me. Fuck, I don't think I've written anything since...what, Christmas? Or was Act Naturally after that...Okay, since Act Naturally, which was far too long ago for my muse to have remained in any sort of shape. Since this will be my babeh's birfday fic I'm trying to make it really smutty good, which so far has resulted in totally erasing what little I have and starting over about ten times now. Which is odd, considering I don't think I've ever started something over.

No wait, there was that one movieverse X-fic... Nightmares or whatever I called it. I restarted that one once. Go me, I'm learning! An author shouldn't be afraid to just say fuck it, scrap everything they've got and start over. As gut-wrenching as the prospect is :P.

Heh. Simon told Sharon she had evil eyes.

"You wanna fight with me, don't you?"
"Well I don't wanna fuck."


Billeh Boyd's gonna be on there Thursday. W00t!!!

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