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And this is what I do with my free time...

Despite the fic I'm trying to write, and the movies I have to watch, and the last few pages of Good Omens I'm trying to finish, and...

CD 1 - Into the West
1. May It Be (LotR: Fellowship of the Rings) - Enya
2. Gollum's Song (LotR: The Two Towers) - Emiliana Torrini
3. Into the West (LotR: The Return of the King) - Annie Lennox
4. Return of the King (LotR: The Return of the King) - featuring Viggo Mortensen
5. Steward of Gondor (LotR: The Return of the King) - featuring Billy Boyd
6. The Last Unicorn (The Last Unicorn) - America
7. Man's Road (The Last Unicorn) - America
8. Lullaby (Silent Hill 4 clip) - Unknown Artist
9. Skull and Crossbones (PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl) - Klaus Badelt
10. The Black Pearl Remix (PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl) - Klaus Badelt
11. A Pirates Life for Me (Pirates of the Caribbean) - Disney
12. Metro - System of a Down
13. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - White Stripes
14. All on Black - Alkaline Trio
15. Hailie's Song - Eminem
16. Shadow - Viggo Mortensen featuring Dominic Monaghan
17. Breathe - Melissa Etheridge
18. 100 Years - Five for Fighting
19. Here We Go (Punch-Drunk Love) - Jon Brion

CD 2 - Silly Rendez-vous
1. One-Winged Angel (Sephiroth's Theme) - Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts
2. Simple and Clean-Long Remix (Kingdom Hearts) - Utada Hikaru
3. Secret Rendez-vous (Dance Dance Revolution) - Divas
4. Stalker Goes to Babylon (Furi Kuri) - The Pillows
5. I'm the Only Gay Eskimo - Tenacious D
6. Spider-Man - Tenacious D
7. UFO - Tenacious D
8. Friendship Test - Tenacious D
9. Wonderboy - Tenacious D
10. Half Fling - Viggo Mortensen featuring Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan

Did I mention that I got the Kill Bill poster from work?

Did I also mention that in a week I'll be winging my happy little way to my babeh's arms? [dances frantically]

Who knew PWP-ish smut could be so fucking hard to write? [grouses, fumes, laments her lack of writing talent]

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