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Walkin' Man's Road...

Many pardons for my last entry. Or more specifically, the part about Annie Lennox. Her version from the movie DOES sound very pretty. I think the audio was just well and truly fucked last night. Or..her voice was off or something, cause the version from the movie is so very pretty. Her voice last night just sounded... weird.

I dusted off the ole' WinMX just before crashing earlier today, and now have 'Man's Road' and 'The Last Unicorn', by America, 'Into the West' and [happy sigh] 'Steward of Gondor', featuring Annie Lennox and BILLEH, respectively. (Dear sweet Tallest Billy Boyd can sing @_@). Now I'm downloading a bunch of Viggo Mortensen's songs, including the one in RotK where he sings (What's the title on that one?), I hope to have enough songs for a new burned CD tomorrow, and I really wanna watch The Last Unicorn again ^_^;;;.

[hunts for lyrics and waits for her babeh]
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