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And the winner is... - snatched from a couple friends' LJ

Oscars Countdown!!! I haven't given a flying fuck about the Oscars for years, as nothing I like ever seems to get nominated, but JOHNNY!!! AND ROTK!!! WHEE! Johnny was adorable at the preshow. His hair = yum. And he seemed almost nervous, and I believed him when he said he was still shocked and stupified over the nomination. He also obviously doesn't expect to win, and I can't blame him. I never believed he'd even get nominated; Oscar is NOT friendly to comedies or action movies, as a rule, it seems. But just that he'd be nominated is, in this case, truly a surprise. Heh. I are happy. And as RotK is favored to win, well...EVERYTHING... I'm sure something good will happen tonight. Hell, Pirates is even nominated for a couple of the usual sci-fi/fantasy awards (ie: Best Sound Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects XP).

Lijah and Peter, aaaaw... Aaaw, and Johnny and that girl from Whale Rider. How cute!

...Billy Crystal as Gollum. Terrifying XD.

"Get out of bed! We're legal in Massachusetts!!"

Okay, I've gotta check out Lost in Translation. Something tells me I'm not gonna like it much, but something about Sophia Coppola is really rubbing me the wrong way. And I was surprised to hear she's the FIRST American woman nominated for Best Director. In 76 fucking years they haven't found another female director worth nominating?! What the fuck is up with that O_O?
Dude, did anyone see that look Johnny was giving Benicio del Toro when they announced his nomination for 21 Grams? Heh heh...
IAN!!!! [fawns grovels scrapes] Look, there's Dom and Lijah and Sean and Billy sitting in front of Peter!! [fangirl freak-out]
Mmmmm, art direction. Last Samurai, RotK, Seabiscuit, nice... And the winner is... LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!! WHOOOO!! The first of hopefully MANY! [dances]
Robin Williams is 'the reason for our five minute delay' XD. "We look like a San Francisco wedding cake!"

Best Animated Picture...I wanna see Les Triplettes des Belleville. Ah, and the winner is Finding Nemo, there's a surprise O_o. ..WHOA, but Finding Nemo's also nominated for best original screenplay?! Now THAT is.
Costume Design... of which, RotK is the only one that didn't take its costumes straight out of some historical period. And the winner... ROTK! W00T! (goes to format fics while watching)
Renee Zellweger wins. Haven't seen the movie, but I'm rather fond of Zellweger so yay!
...Okay, I only saw RotK once so far (bad Tif, BAD!) but I don't remember Into the West sounding like this. Um...Annie Lennox didn't sing the version on the movie, did she? Cause uh...well...I seem to recall it sounding a ^_^;;;
Visual effects! RotK all the way, I'm sure, but Pirates was also nominated so w00t! And the winner isssss... ROTK!! What a surprise XD.
OMG the hobbits were so cute and Johnny was just GARG and WHEEE!! And the hobbits were all so misty-eyed and they were hugging behind the huge crowd on stage at the end, and all those bloody New Zealand jokes, HEE XD. [is a sucker for running gags]

So happy. ^_^

[switches the channel]

"Knock knock."

"Who's there..?"

" you."

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