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Jon Stewart for President!

Vampire Witchy: There is something about you
people just don't get, you look like a Goth,
you act like a Goth, you even sound like a
Goth, so why is it you are not as pretentious
as a Goth? It's because you understand where
other people are coming from. You are the role
player of the scene. Having empathy enables you
to talk freely to people no matter who they
are. You're witty, intelligent and cute, but
you know how to turn cute into dangerous
beauty. You're at home with your pets and your
family and you are surprised when people stare
at you in public, you're so used to what you
are and totally unaware of your beauty that you
don't realise you create a stir. You enjoy your
life, wherever it may lead. Despite your cool
exterior if you don't like something you make
sure everyone knows about it. No one wears
they're hair better than you and you look
sexiest when you feel comfortable. Your motto
is "Anne Rice only got it half right"

What is your style of Gothic Beauty?
brought to you by Quizilla
Lords of the Bling. Heh.

Let's get back to Biblical standards of marriage. How much for your daughter?

And in other other news, I vote Jon Stewart for President!! Intelligent, knowledgeable about and involved in politics, open-minded, can debate circles around his opponents, and is funny as hell. What more could we ask for?
[feels guilty about not writing smut tonight]

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