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Watching Pokemon Heroes. One of my mom's friends won it at the mall, and gave it to mom, so mom gave it to us. Pika's so fucking cute. (Shut up, Pika's the shibby.) He was playing in a water fountain. SO FUCKING CUTE. But not much James yet :P.

Started working on a fic after I DDRed earlier. Mmmm, angst. I hope I'll be able to finish it tonight.

I won an adapter for my laptop!! I'll be able to use it in the car or on finer airplanes everywhere now, without draining the batteries to death in two hours! Which is good, because the car trip to Vegas is gonna be, what, four hours Bridgie? We'll be able to watch DVDs on the way, yay ^_^.

I have more to say, especially on an interesting development with mom, but there are PEOPLE in the Todd/Kurt community chat room soIgottagomingleliekwhoa!!!! Everyone who's interested is welcome to join us! [bamfs away]
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