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Remember the hilarious kitties and the hamsters from hell?


ME WANT. Someone buy it for me please? [brandishes ax happily] and runs around with a mighty war cry]

Along with this one...

And this.

And yes...I want this too XD. They're hideous and frightening, but they're starting to grow on me... GET 'EM OFF OMG GET THEM OFF!!!

I fell asleep at 7 or so tonight, planning to sleep until 1 and, of course, come online afterwards. But something woke me at ten. I went to get my nightly bowl of cereal, ate it, and went back to bed...and laid there...and laid there...and laid there... apparently my brain decided that it had other things to do, things that didn't involve sleeping. And when I finally fell asleep again... it was at TWELVE FOOKING THIRTY!!! o_<

S'all good though, cause babeh can make me happy even when I wake up in a foul mood. <3s on Bridgie.

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